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Hello Seniors! In this article we will be reviewing the best smartphones for seniors in the UK!

Amongst many other tech products, cell phones are must have gadgets for senior citizens of all age groups. 

It is understandable that many senior folks are not much familiar with the tech development. Excuse us if that doesn’t apply to you! To those in the UK who are looking for the best cell phones for senior citizens, we will be helping them find just the right smartphone for their everyday need. 

So, what makes a cellphone the best smartphone for seniors? There are certain things a senior should keep in mind before buying a smartphone. While individual needs might vary, we believe there are certain factors every senior citizen should consider before buying a cell phone. And, what are they?

Smartphones with Loud Sound and Wider Screen

While not all seniors necessarily have hearing or eye problems, many do or could develop such conditions in the future (we do hope you always remain in perfect condition!). For that reason you would want to get a smartphone with enhanced sound and has relatively larger screen. But not too large because that might cause portability issue. 

Operating System of the Smartphone

Most smartphones in the market are powered by one of the 3 most common operating system. They are; Windows, Android (for example Samsung Galaxy) and iOS (Apple products like iPhone 8 or iPhone X). Although it is your personal preference, we recommend seniors to purchase cell phones powered either by Android or iOS. The reason behind that is simple. Android and iOS are mobile based operating systems and allow you to seamlessly use the smartphone. They also have access to a large number of apps.

Cell phones with good battery life 

An optimal cell phone for senior citizens should have a good battery life. For many seniors, charging several times a day can create annoyance. Having a smartphone with good battery life is a no brainer solution to that problem. 

Now let us help you find the exact smartphones that are best for seniors. And we would really appreciate if you shared this article in Facebook using the buttons above!

Best Smartphone for Seniors UK 2018

Smartphone OS Screen Size Price
Denver GSP-120 N/A 1.77″ Under £50
Samsung S8 Android 5.8″ Under £600
Samsung Galaxy J3 Android 5″ Under £200
iPhone 7 iOS 4.7″ Under £700
OUKITEL C5 Pro Android 5″ Under £100

Denver Big Button GSP-120 – Cheap and Simple CellPhone for Seniors in the UK 2018

cell phone for seniors
Cell phone for seniors with SOS button. Image Credit:

The Denver Big Button GSP-120 is a simple mobile phone for seniors who like to keep things simple or are technophobic. The primary reason why we liked this phone is the presence of emergency SOS button in the phone. We think it’s really helpful to have a SOS button in the cell phone. 

Besides being simple, it is also one of the cheap cell phone for seniors in the UK with a price tag of under £50. This cell phone also offers loud ringtones, larger and backlit buttons as well as excellent battery life. 

For those reasons, we think this is the perfect cell phone for seniors but we should note that this cell phone does not have smart functionalities. Nevertheless, it’s a simple and easy to use phone for seniors. 

Check Price of Denver Big Button GSP-120

Samsung S8 – One of the Best Smartphone For Seniors-UK-2018

best smartphone for seniors
Best Smartphone for Seniors UK 2018. Image Credit:

This is another solid smartphone any senior would love! This is a sim free mobile phone, meaning you can use any sim on this phone. 

Price-wise this smartphone is little expensive but will be worth every pound. This is a senior friendly smartphone and is optimal for senior citizens of all age groups. 

This smartphone for seniors comes with a very high resolution 5.8″ screen for clear view and has a responsive touch screen. Along with an excellent battery life, this senior citizen friendly smartphone has cameras on both front and back and is dust and water resistant. 

This is a perfect cell phone for everyday use as well as for making Skype calls, internet surfing, playing games etc.

64GB version of this smartphone costs about £600 which sounds a bit expensive but it is worth every pound and is the best smartphone for seniors! 

Price of Samsung S8

Samsung Galaxy J3 – Another Top Smartphone for Seniors under 200 pounds – 2018

Best smartphone for elderly
Image Credit:

This is another Android based smartphone which we think is perfect for older folks and offers a balance in price and performance. 

Available for under £200, this phone is sim-free just like other smartphones reviewed here. The Samsung Galaxy J3 is one of the latest smartphone in the market powered by Android 7.0 operating system. You can easily download different apps and games in this best smartphone for the UK’s Seniors. 

Available in black and gold colours, the Samsung Galaxy J3 has a nice display of 5 inches. This top cell phone for senior citizens has cameras on both front and back and has an awesome battery life of up-to 15 hours of talk time. 

Because this smartphone can be purchased for a budget price and has all the latest features, we had no concerns to include this smartphone as one of the best smartphone for seniors in the UK. 

Price & More Details of Samsung Galaxy J3

Apple iPhone 7 – Best iPhone for Seniors UK 2018

Although Apple has already released newer versions of iPhone, we believe iPhone 7 is the right choice for seniors because of the price and screen size. 

The “plus” version of iPhone has a large screen and is less portable while this is just the right size phone with 4.7 inch screen. That is why we do not recommend plus version of iPhone to seniors. 

The iPhone 7 comes with cameras on the both sides and you can play games as well as enjoy other apps. This phone is available in 6 different colours. 

With 12 months of factory warranty and excellent customer service, this iPhone version is a senior friendly smartphone.  

Price of iPhone 7

OUKITEL C5 Pro – Cheap Smartphone for UK seniors under £100 – 2018

The OUKITEL C5 Pro is the perfect smartphone for seniors who likes to enjoy the new technology while spending a budget price of under 100 pounds. This Android 6.0 powered smartphone can be purchased for under £100 and is one of the best sellers. 

This too is an unlocked sim-free cell phone with 5 inch of HD screen resolution. It has a good battery life and has cameras on both sides. This cell phone offers truly amazing features for an attractive price tag of under 100 pounds. 

Price of OUKITEL C5 Pro

If you are looking for a good and cheap smartphone for seniors, you can purchase one of the smartphones which we reviewed above for a budget price without breaking your bank! 

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