Projectors used to be for pictures of your vacations, at school when your teacher wanted to display a sheet on the wall, or at work when they had a slide show they wanted you to see, but times have changed, projectors do a whole lot more and give much better quality pictures and options.

Today, they can be used to watch television, play video games, watch movies, watch blue ray discs, and can be watched in 3D, in high definition (HD) and can be watched on a home or garage wall, a huge tv screen, a sheet, or at the office. The uses are endless and the quality of brightness and color are like being at the movie theatre. Now, let’s check out our comparison chart:

Below are the 5 Best Projector under 500 dollars 2018:

Best Projectors under $500

Key Spec

Full Review

1. Optoma H181X

3200 lumen; HD DLP; 23,000:1 contrast ratio

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 2. ViewSonic PJD5555W

3200 lumen; WXGA DLP; 15,000:1 contrast ratio

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3. Acer H5380BD

3000 lumen; HD DLP; 17,000:1 contrast ratio

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4. Epson EX5240

3000 lumen; XGA LCD; 15,000:1 contrast ratio

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5. Optoma HD141X

3000 lumen; FHD DLP; 23,000:1 contrast ratio

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1. Optoma H181X Full 3D 720p 3200 Lumen DLP Home Theater Projector-Best movie projector under $500-2018

The Optoma H181X Projector is a top of the line theatre projector for you to use at home or in the office. It comes complete with three dimensional high definition projections with 720P or 1080p for fantastic, clear, crisp video play out. This projector projects a very bright, large picture that can be played inside or outside for great movie enjoyment.

It has two HDMI ports that can be used for playing video games and comes with a remote control for easy setup and adjustments of any features. This projector has a very easy menu for setup, and a set of three dimensional shutter glasses with dplink technology that will give you the most awesome experience available theatre projection.

Run it through your laptop or hook up to an amplifier and speakers for added volume and special effects. We would definitely say this is one the best projectors under 500 bucks for awesome theatre experience from the comfort of your home.


2. ViewSonic PJD5555W WXGA DLP- best portable projector under $500- 2018

The ViewSonic PJD555W WXGA Portable Projector is a high performance portable projector that has 3200 Lumens light and 1280×800 WXGA resolution with 720p, you get a high definition, quality picture with exceptionally beautiful colors. This projector will work inside or outside with excellent projection and a wide screen picture.

It comes with HDMI and three dimensional capabilities when used with a blue ray system or any other 3D machine, it has a small, lightweight body with no filter that can be used at the office, at home, or at a school.

This projector has high definition capabilities, and can emit three dimensional pictures when used with a computer. The light lamp has a long lasting life of 10,000 hours. It comes with a first year exchange warranty and a three year limited warranty for labor and parts with one year on the lamp. We would definitely consider this to be one of the best Projectors under $500 with widescreen and portability attributes.


3. Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector-one of the best  HD projector under $500-2018

For anyone looking for the best projector under $500, the Acer H5380BD is a viable choice. The Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector is small, compact, portable and comes with a ceiling mounting bracket three dimensional-ready and comes with Native 720P for high resolution and widescreen and high definition pictures.

It also will work with Blu-ray Disc players and HDTV televisions. It also comes with Dust Shield Solution to protect against dust and dirt. Its multi- functionality makes it ideal for presentation and any outdoor activities.

Two connectors for inputs for easy connecting with HDMI for connecting with computers or game systems, and is small, compact, and is portable to go anywhere and comes with a mounting bracket to put on the ceiling for easy use. It comes with a limited warranty for one year for labor and parts for carry in or mail in and 90 days support on software. This definitely is one of the best projectors under $500!


4. Epson EX5240 Home Cinema – best home projector under $500-2018

The Epson EX5240  is a home theatre projector that has 3000 Lumens of color and white output of brightness with computer chips and LCD technology to put out three times more unbelievable bright, clear, brilliant pictures of color.

It has built in adjusting and supports HDMI connections to add your game system, blue ray movie player, to stream movies and anything else you want to use. It has stunning XGA (1024 x 768) native resolution.

Epson claims it is 1.5 times better than SVGA technology and has 3 times wider color gamut than any DLP projectors. It Has USB plugin capability with a computer, can do a slideshow via USB, has the HDMI hookup, has a built in speaker, has four color modes for switching from movies, television, game system and comes with a one year limited warranty for parts and labor.

If you are looking for a nice projector under $500, this is a really good projector you might want to check out!


5. Optoma HD141X-best 1080p projector under $500-2018

The Optoma HD141x Projector is portable to use at home, at the office or for school. This projector gives high definition, DLP, and full 3D with two HDMI hookups for movies, blue ray disc player, game systems, DVD players, iPad, and direct hookup for television.

It has 3000 lumen of brightness and whopping 23,000:1 contrast ratio for brilliant pictures, has digital zoom, and can be used as a table unit or hung from the ceiling. Can project from the rear or front, and has rolled over the image to go from picture to picture. It is one of the best  projectors under 500 dollars with a 1080p FHD native resolution.


Closing Thought

Thanks to the progress of modern technology, now we are able to watch awesome quality pictures within the comfort of home in a nice-big screen within affordability. Although the projectors on our list of the best projectors under 500 dollars uses different technology, each of them will provide you the best watching experience.

That’s why these magnificent projectors will make the list like this. Each of their functionality are enjoyed by many users and have complimented their subtle features. Best of luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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