You must be looking for an excellent projector that can satisfy your needs. The best projector under £400 is a device that you are choosing for your business, for your school, or for entertainment.

The technology for projectors has come along way in the last years. Projectors are now light, portable, and high quality. Projectors are no longer just for the school or office.

People bring projectors home to have a more movie theater like experience. Some people are even opting to get projectors instead of big screen TVs. Projectors don’t have to cost a lot.

Here is the list of 4 Best projector under £400. All these projectors have excellent resolution. These selected projectors are also lightweight, portable, and very easy to set up. They list many features that will make your viewing experience better.

1. BenQ TH534

Best 1080p projector under £400 UK 2018

The BenQ TH534 has a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 that allows you to watch videos in 1080P in full clarity. The high contrast ratio allied with DLP technology provides for a smooth color transition.

The resolution of this projector is FHD (1920 x 1080P ). The brightness is 3300 lumens which makes this an excellent projector to watch in the dark.

The projector also has two HDMI inputs. The BENQ TH534 is brighter than most of its competitors around its price range. Its smart eco-technology also puts it ahead of the competition. Smart eco-technology allows the projector to maximize the fill ratio of the pixels allowing for a clearer picture.

The smart eco-technology also ensures up to 10000 hours of lamp life. You can watch movies for longer, without having to worry about replacing the bulb. The projector also comes with keystone correction to make sure that the image is aligned where you want it to be.


2. Optoma H183X

Best home projector under £400 UK 2018

When it comes to setting market standard and benchmark in the projector market, Optoma is one of the few brands to maintain its legacy. The Optoma H183X is not an exception.

With the contrast ratio of 25000:1 and picture resolution of WXGA(1280X800), I am sure that you will never get a chance to complain about its picture quality. 

Its DLP technology can project 3200 lumens without any doubt. So, you can count on this projector for your outdoor activities. Further, its REC. 709 color coverage makes image quality crisp clear with outstanding color accuracy.

The projector also comes with HDMI and VGA inputs. The Optoma has a throw range of 1.55:1 – 1.73:1. With a weight of only 2.17 kg, it is also one of the lightest projectors.

This projector is highly portable and easy to use. It comes with two built-in speakers and also has an easy to use zoom feature.  For all these home friendly features, it is the best projector under £400 for home use.


3. EUG X99

Best gaming projector under £400 UK 2018

EUG might be a new player in the town, but every reputed brand had started from somewhere. EUG X99 is their way of showing high-end features within an affordable price range.

The EUG X99 has a native resolution of WXGA(1280 x 800). It supports up to 1080P. With the blend of high 5000 lumens and 8000.1 contrast ratio, it was able to reduce its visible pixel structure significantly.

This helps to eliminate blurring and ghosting effect, making it the very much likely candidate to play your PC or console gaming.

With the 2 HDMI inputs, 2 USB port, and VGA port, the port selection is above market standards. It is loaded with 10W built-in speakers for your audio needs.

It has this impressive screen adjustment feature that let you adjust images with 25x zoom in and out. This feature is handy for someone with limited space as it will resize the images without having to move the projector.


4. Epson EB-W05 

Best movie projector under £400 UK 2018

Espon EB-W05 is WXGA ready projector with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio. The color light output is 3,300 lumens. Epson has 3LCD technology that delivers stunning color accuracy. 

Its advanced 3LCD technology delivers three times brighter colors and eliminates the rainbow effect that most projectors might face.

The projector comes with an HDMI input. What sets this projector apart from other projectors in its price range is its large screen size. The projector can achieve a quality 300-inch display giving you a movie theater experience.

Espon Eb-W05 has a high-quality light lamp that should last up to 15 years. It also includes 2-watt speakers for audio. The projector is light and very easy to move and set up for movies anywhere.



Finding 1080P native resolution under this price tag is hard if you want it from the top brand like Viewsonic, Epson or Optoma. WXGA is pretty much the standard native resolution under £400.

I recommend buying a projector that belongs to one of the above brands. Some projectors will offer 1080P native resolution but they are relatively new brand, and £400 is a lot of money to gamble. Besides, having a higher resolution not necessarily mean excellent image quality.

I hope my post about the best projector under £400 was informative. If you like it, please don’t forget to share and if you have any comment let me know via the comment section below. Good luck with your purchase!



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