Whether you’re lounging around the house watching movies with your family, or hosting a viewing party with some of your closest friends, a projector is an excellent piece of technology to maximize any viewing experience.

With the advancements in current technology, it’s safe to say that snagging a modern projector is an upgrade on your current entertainment setup. If you’re an avid gamer, photographer, or movie connoisseur, projectors are a great way to enhance your viewing experience at an affordable price. It’s like bringing the movie theater into your home! 

Let’s admit it, the regular television setup it becoming a thing of the past. More and more stores are shifting toward marketing high-quality projectors for a fraction of the cost compared to what they were listed at before. Below we’ve compiled 4 of the best projector under £500, continue reading below to check out the perfect one for you. 

Epson EH-TW650

Best 1080p projector under  £500

For a full 1080p experience, distinguished by bright, crisp images that capture even the most minute details, the Epson EH-TW650 is for you. Featuring a rather sleek and snug design, the TW650 is roughly 250 mm long and 300 mm wide, while remaining just about 90mm high, perfect for an at-home projector setup.

Although it’s not as compact as other machines, the 1080p quality perpetuated by the 3,100 lumens output, makes the Epson a powerhouse of digital acuity. 

The 3LCD projection arrangement guarantees that the dreaded rainbow effect is nonexistent. The fully automatic focus and zoom controls coupled with the automatic horizontal and vertical keystone corrections ensures for a perfect viewing experience with a sharp emphasis on image quality. 

Color reproduction on the TW650 is exceptional, to say the least, the contrast levels are tuned seamlessly for an elegant viewing experience. While watching a movie or enjoying a sporting event, the colors pop and appear as vivid as in real life. 


Optoma GT760

Best home projector under £500 UK 2018

One of the best home projectors currently on the market is the Optoma GT760. Fitted with a short throw lens, the GT760 requires minimal room to create that significant screen experience, perfect for small spaces such as a crowded living room our a bedroom of average size. Just set it up on a table and adjust the picture size to your liking. 

The colors and contrast settings on the GT760 allow for simple adjustments that bring forth a natural looking picture with bright skin tones and perfect close-up detail without the grainy aftermath. 

The zoom capability on the GT760 is lacking; perfect picture size is possible only through manual movement concerning the surface. Vertical keystone correction is possible, but the device is lacking in the horizontal aspect, so it must be facing the screen surface. 

The Lamp life of the GT760 is remarkably reliably, stunningly paired with a vast array of picture modes, booming audio, and 3D capabilities perfect for home viewing. 


ViewSonic LightStream PJD7828HDL

Best business projector under £500 UK 2018

The Viewsonic LightStreem is the perfect business projector. As a short throw projector, it’s ideal for small offices or meeting rooms or those arduous business conferences.

With comprehensive high-definition capability, HDMI inputs, and wireless dongles for external connectivity, the LightStream is a perfect companion for presentations. Designed to fit in tight spaces the Viewsonic should be at the top of your list. 

The connective capability of the Viewsonic is unmatched, featuring 2 HDMI inputs, AV capability, PC input, and USB compatibility, it’s a perfect projector for presentation purposes. 

Fitted with SuperColor technology, the Viewsonic is capable of remarkable images, evoking a sublime balance of color and light. The accompanying remote is small and portable, great for flipping through slides or causal view experiences.

A detachable cover is also included to ensure that all cables remain concealed. All in all, the Viewsonic is one of the best projectors under 500, a model ideal for the business sector.


LG Minibeam PH450U

Best  short throw projector under £500 UK 2018

Short throw projectors are perfect for those limited by space who don’t want to sacrifice image size. The best short throw projector has to be the LG Minibeam PH450U, fully capable of casting cinema-quality images in cramped spaces.

When placed close to the wall, the Minibeam is still capable of generating a 720p picture more than 1200 mm broad, when moved farther away you get an even bigger image. 

The design of the Minibeam is similar to something you’d see on the set of a sci-fi movie. Nevertheless, the added air vents and built-in battery offers a long last viewing experience. Connectivity is available through 2 HDMI ports, USB ports, and an accompanying headphone jack. 

The images on the LG Minibeam PH450U are vivid and bright, similar to most 720p television models. Uniquely enough, this image quality is preserved even in close screen distances, a byproduct of its short throw capability. 

The Minibeam is a proper projector suitable for all your needs; a big screen experience is easily attained even in cramped spaces.



For £500, a 1080p native resolution projector is the standard. All of our selected projectors are the best seller. They are geared with high-end display technology.

Beside some secondary features like short throw, Bluetooth, WiFI, they all deliver stunning images with the best color accuracy.
We hope our article about the best projector under Best projector under £500 was instructive.

If you agree with us, please don’t forget to share. For further questions and queries, let us know via the comment section below. Good luck with your purchase!


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