Are you planning on purchasing a projector this year, but are having difficulty finding the right model? Do you continue to search online through a sea of reviews and product descriptions, but are still unsure?

Acquiring a projector for your home or office can be a challenge, especially when deciding on high-quality entertainment at a low cost. With so many brands, sizes, even resolution specs to choose from, there’s no wonder the process can get a little overwhelming.

Fortunately for those of us unable (even unwilling) to sit through hours of comparing, a write-up of the 5 best projectors under £200 is here! Included detail are the best products for exactly what they do, and why they’re superior to others in their categories. Now, instead of “making a day of it,” the best projector that fits our specific needs is easy to find. Check it out!

Abis Led: Best home cinema projector under £200 UK 2018

One of the most popular reasons in the 21st century to forgo the television screen and update to the projector is entertainment, specifically home cinema. For this reason, we decided on the ABIS LED Projector, which incorporates a variety of Smart technology with a stress-free experience.

Not only does this model have built-in WIFI and connecting Bluetooth speakers, but it also allows for wireless mobile and tablet connection through the Mira Cast App built into the projector. These features make it extremely easy to connect and project any form of media from any room in your home.

The biggest selling point? All media are projected in 1080P, making home theatre entertainment and gaming that much more vibrant and enjoyable. Weighing 4kg with dimensions of 11.8×26.3×33.6cm, space is no issue. Trust us when we say that with this HD Projector, you’ll watch and play in a whole new way.


Best home cinema projector under £200 UK 2018


Vivibright GP90: Best mini projector under £200 UK 2018

Sometimes when even a little space makes all the difference, portable items go a long way. One-bedroom flats and individual offices might not be conducive to the family-style projectors taking the world by storm. So for this, we recommend above all the Vivibright GP90 Portable Projector.

Weighing at 2.2kg and dimensions measuring 23.2×28.7×11.5cm, it can easily occupy a corner shelf or small table with space for other items. If the need arises for commuting to and from the office, finding space inside a backpack or tote is a non-issue.

Not only is it small and hassle-free, but the size doesn’t impede on great quality. The resolution reaches 1080p Full HD with a suggested capacity of 183-305cm display, making this a powerful addition to presentations and home theatre setups. While comparing other compact projectors, this one is by far above average in quality and maintenance. In short, this one’s a steal.

Best mini projector under £200 UK 2018


Yuancin Mobile: Best pocket pico projector under £200 UK 2018

Now, while compact and portable projectors may work for some, many still lack that little something extra. In the category of mobile projectors, we put our vote in for the Yuancin Mobile Pico Projector for a very big reason: Touchpad technology.

This baby has three different style operations for a wide variety of commands, and it only requires the use of three fingers: remote, be gone. Depending on how many fingers are used at one time, very specific functions and menus appear and are easily accessible.

The built-in Android OS and Google Play store also make for a superior product, allowing for videos, photos, games, and documents to be shared over WIFI. The intimate lens protection cover adds a significant touch, especially for a projector measuring at only 17.5×14.5x8cm. With a rechargeable battery capacity of 5000mAh and a suggested display of 381cm, good things really do come in small packages.

Best pocket pico projector under £200 UK 2018


Crenova XPE680: Best HDMI projector under £200 UK 2018

Ok, so now we go to a category all of its own: HDMI quality. When projecting compressed or uncompressed data from a PC, tablet, or phone, sometimes the quality can be lost in translation.

When clarity is crucial and cannot be overlooked, our hands-down recommendation is the Crenova XPE680 Video Projector. The Crenova comes with a free HDMI and AV cable, has 20,000 hours of energy efficient LED life, and offers the best resolution at a distance of 1.5m.

Display performance is spectacular and can be easily noticed when compared to other products. When visual excellence is imperative, this is it.

Best HDMI projector under £200 UK 2018


LESHP FHD Projector: Best 3D projector under £200 UK 2018

On the brink of entirely new visual aesthetics, 2-Dimensional media may begin to feel obsolete. Luckily for projector-hunters everywhere, the LESHP FHD Projector has that covered.

This 3D multimedia projector includes a manual focus lens for an accurate color reproduction and clearer picture quality than other 3D projector of its kind. It supports WIFI, Bluetooth, and a Miracast connection, allowing multi-interface compatibility with various devices that still rely on 2D functionality.

Providing 20% more brightness, keystone correction technology for up to a 508cm display, the projection experience is not only beautiful, but interactive: the best projector under 200 without question.

Best 3D projector under £200 UK 2018



A projector might not be the perfect substitute for TV. But if you desire to watch movies on a big screen at low cost, projectors are only your option. Thanks to the advancement of technology that high quality projectors which once used to cost a fortune now can be bought as low as 200 pounds. We tried to simplify our article about the best projector under £200 as much as possible. Hope it answered all your queries. Good luck with your purchase and thanks for choosing us.



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