Welcome to our post about the best projector under £100. Whether one is watching a movie with the family at home or showing the office partners a presentation on the latest project, a projector is one of the best pieces of electronics to use for the task.

These digital video projectors have far surpassed the analog counterparts of days gone by, and now there is usually a myriad of features that make them suitable for all types of applications.

Enthusiasts and hobbyists zealots know that these offer some of the best viewing opportunities for those looking for the ideal setup. However, you should be wise enough to choose a projector that matches your style. To help you with this we have divided our article into two following parts:

  1. Things that you should consider while buying a home Projector

  1. 5 Best Projector under £100 of 2018

Here is a list of the best projectors under £100 for those in the UK area


Key features


1. Elephas 2400

2400 lumen|LED lamp| 2000:1 contrast ratio| 20,000 hrs lamp life

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2. GooDee 2200

2200 lumen| LED lamp| 1000:1 contrast ratio| 30,000 hrs lamp life

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3. Abox T22 LED

2400 lumen| LED lamp| 2000:1 contrast ratio| 50,000 hrs lamp life

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4. Artlii LED Pico

600 lumen| LED lamp| 800:1 contrast ratio| 30,000 hrs lamp life

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5. Crenova XPE496

2400 lumen| LED lamp| 2000:1 contrast ratio| 20,000 hrs lamp life

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Top 6 things that you should consider while buying a home Projector in 2018

  1. Resolution

Projectors are primarily priced based on their native resolution. A projector with a higher native resolution is likely to be more expensive than the lower once. If you are in a market for a projector, you will definitely come across two different specs: Native and Maximum. So what are these two features and how are they different?

Many projector manufacturers knowingly hide their native resolution and will only highlight their maximum resolution. You should really check the native resolution and ignore the maximum for picture quality.

Native resolution is the actual physical resolution of that specific projector. A projector can’t display more pixels than its native resolution. If it is so, then why SVGA projector is marketed with the support of FHD?

It is pretty simple; all you have to do is ignore the maximum resolution pixels. It has nothing to do with the numbers. Instead, you should focus on signal formats. As every projector is designed to recognize many different signals and you might be familiar that many electronic devices like laptops, gaming console comes in a variety of signal format.

Hence, the maximum resolution is the highest signal format that any projector is programmed to process. Under this price range, you can expect to find a low native pixel projector. Mostly XGA projector, but there are some manufacturers who are even offering 720P projectors under £100. Based on the resolution, there are five different types of the projector:

  1. XGA projectors: 1024 x 786 (native resolution)
  2. WXGA projectors: 1280 x 800
  3. HD or 720P projectors: 1280 x 720
  4. FHD projectors: 1980 x 1080
  5. 4K projectors: 3840 x 2160
  1. Display technology

All the projectors are fitted with either one of the three different types of display technologies: DLP, LCD, and LCoS.

The DLP is the oldest and LCoS is the recent technology. However, it doesn’t mean LCoS is superior to DLP technology. Each of them has their pros and cons depending on what specific features you want more.

If you want a projector with the great contrast ratio than we recommend going with LCoS then LCD followed by DLP. But if you want good brightness, LCD and DLP is the way to go. For good color accuracy, DLP is the winner. Maybe this is the reason why movie theater still uses this technology till this date.

Under this budget, you will mostly find LCD technology projectors. They are not the best compared to their expensive cousins, but for the price, it will still pack a good punch.

  1. Brightness

The brightness is of a projector is measured in Lumens. So you may think higher lumens projectors are better than the lower one. Theoretically, it’s right, but practically it depends on other factors like quality of the lens, contrast ratios and so on.

You don’t want more brightness than you actually need. If you are planning to use a projector in a dark room a decent lens projector with 1400 lumens can easily give you that bright image. And for the outdoor projectors, you will need somewhere between 2500 to 3000 lumens.

For this price range you can find a projector as high as 3000 lumens, but don’t get your hopes high, as it will not be good for the bright room. The only reason is they have cheap out on the quality of the lens to keep their price point under £100.

  1. Contrast ratio

It simply measures the blackest of black and whitest of white on a projector. The higher the contrast ratio, you can expect to have more true to the life vibrant image quality.

Just to put the contrast ratio into perspective, a 5000:1 contrast ratio projector means its white image is 5000 times brighter than the black image. But just knowing the contrast ratio doesn’t mean you have a good projector. It primarily depends on display technology and quality of the lens used.

Under this price range, you will find a projector with a contrast ratio up to 3500:1.

  1. Range

It measures the image throwing distance of a projector. There are two types of throwing distant depending upon the projector itself: short throw and long throw projector.

A short throw projector can project 100 inch screen from only 4 feet, whereas for a long throw it can take 10 feet or more.

Short throw projector is expensive because of its superior technology that saves space and almost compatible for any room size as long as you have a wall.

Under this price range, it is hard to find short throw projectors. All the projectors at this price point can project from medium to long range.

  1. Connectivity

Today, almost all projectors are geared with HDMI and USB ports, as they have become the standard of connecting any devices.

Even under £100 HDMI port, USB Port, S-videos, VGA port and Display port are standard. Some expensive projectors are loaded with superior features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

For me, I would personally like to see Bluetooth features than Wi-Fi. You can simply use Amazon stick, chromcast and change it to Wi-Fi hub, but without Bluetooth its kind of painful to connect your speaker via 3.5mm jack.


Now that you are familiar with what you need and how to look for it, let us take a look at our list.

1. Elephas 2400

Best home theater projector under £100 UK 2018


Best home theater projector under £100 UK 2018

The Elephas company seems to have taken its name from the only two remaining genres of elephants on the planet today, and the logo confirms that.

This projector lives up to that calling as a beast of a device that puts out 2400 lumens that are capable of making a 1080P HD picture. This is one of the best because of the features that are so numerous.

It can be tuned for widescreen or anywhere from a 33 – 170 inch viewing area. It is suitable for just about any event or viewing setup, and there are so many interfaces that allow it to be connected to everything from DVD players and laptops to gaming consoles or even smartphones.

It is lightweight for ultimate portability that allows it to be taken on trips or to various locations without any problems.

  • Excellent brightness

  • 1080p support

  • Good image quality

  • Decent fan noise

  • Not so good for bright room 

  • No bluetooth support



2. GooDee 2200

Best HD projector under £100 UK 2018

Best HD projector under £100

This GooDee model is also a best projector under 100 pounds. It has a nice 2200 lumens light output that means it is able to handle even some of those areas where there may be more ambient light than usual.

It is 30% brighter than many of the other standard offerings in this category, while also being capable of a 50 – 150 inch viewing area that can be projected over a distance of 5 to 17 feet.

A high resolution and excellent color are also nicely complemented by the integrated subwoofer so that there is more stereo in the sound offering an excellent overall experience for those viewing and listening.

The bulb is capable of lasting approximately 30,000 hours so that there is no need to be concerned about a quick replacement. Lastly, the look of the device is sleek and futuristic so that it can look great in any room.

  • Good image quality

  • Nice speaker with bass

  • Good connectivity

  • Loud fan noise 

  • Runs hot

  • Flimsy remote



3. Abox T22 LED

Best mini projector under £100 UK 2018

Best mini projector under £100 UK 2018

Abox is not to be outdone in the budget projector market, and this is certainly a best projector under 100. It lives up to its name and receives an A grade overall.

The internals of this electronic device are excellent and help to leverage the 2400 overall lumens so that the picture is one of the best in the category. The lamp is set to go for 50k hours, which amounts to something over 5 and a half years of viewing excitement before it will need a replacement.

The LED components are upgraded so that this unit has an excellent resolution that is capable of being broadcast over a sizable distance while not allowing for the same type of optical damage that can be caused by staring at the bright screens of normal televisions and other devices. 

  • Awesome brightness

  • Good image quality

  • Decent speaker

  • Loud fan noise

  • Focus not good at edges




4. Artlii LED Pico Projector

Best pico pocket projector under £100 UK 2018

Best pico pocket projector under £100 UK 2018

One of the points of beauty about this Artlii mini unit is not only the price point, but the fact that it can be taken to so many locations for the most versatile usage of probably any on this list or in the category.

This is a highly recommended unit, and the viewers have voted with their feedback that this one by Artlii is not far short from the ideal 5 stars.

The unit is ready to output some great picture quality while be able to broadcast onto just about any wall or ceiling surface around. It can connect to all types of electronics such as PS3s PS4s, Xbox one S, X and so much more.

  • Highly portable

  • Can be powered by power bank

  • 3 year warranty

  • Poor image quality

  • Low brightness




5. Crenova XPE496

Best budget led projector under £100 UK 2018

Best budget led projector under £100 UK 2018

Rounding out this list is the Crenova model that is a best projector under 100. The mini unit can put out 2400 lumens of light output that is good for the darker environments, but it is great for home entertainment such as those all day/night Champions League viewing parties.

With a resolution that is up to 1080p, there is no doubt that all of the details will be visible to those in the vicinity.

It also has an excellent warranty that covers any issues for a full-year so that one can realize the amazingness firsthand at essentially no risk at all.

  • Sharp image quality

  • Brightness good enough for bright room

  • Decent focus control

  • Little loud fan noise

  • Weak speakers




With the budget of £100, its not like you will find cine-theater graded resolution projectors. But if you know what to look for, it will definitely land you with the best value projector. Obviously, our selected projectors are not the best in the market, but for the price, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Thank you for considering us. If you don’t agree, please leave the comment below.


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