Image manipulation is one of the most in-demand skills today. It is used for graphic design, web design, software design, and other related fields.

Digital artists who are adept at image manipulation have been using only the best mouse for photoshop & photo editing. There is a huge market for these types of mouse, and it is up to the artists which brand he or she would like to take.

Each brand has its pros and cons, and it is up to you which one to choose. The best mouse used for photo manipulation would always need to be durable, because of the number of clicks required for the procedure, and it should also be in sync with the movement of the hands to produce the best results.

If you are looking for the best mouse for photoshop & photo editing, check out the following information to learn more about these devices:

1. Logitech G602

Best wireless mouse for photo editing & photoshop 2022

This mouse boasts its 11 programmable buttons, and it can be used to manipulate images that have high resolution. This mouse also runs on battery, and one could use it for more than 250 hours before the battery is replaced.

This is great for on-the-go editing, as the mouse would not use the laptop’s remaining battery to work. This mouse has also perfected the power-saving technology which allows it to conserve the battery when it is not in use.

It also promises lag-free gaming, along with high-performance editing experience due to the materials used on this product. This mouse is also estimated to last for more than 20 million clicks, and it poses a lot of potential for those who are editing a lot.

It would help them with their tasks while also being durable enough not to break during the editing process. Many PC models and OS support this mouse, and according to those who have used it, the money paid for this model is worth it.


2. Razer Naga Trinity

Best gaming mouse for photoshop & photo editing 2022

This gaming mouse is also used for photo manipulation, because of its state of the art features. The mouse boasts of a true 16,000 5G optical sensor that comes with three interchangeable side plates.

Another feature of this mouse that made a lot of graphic artists enjoy using it would be the accuracy of its clicks, which would mean that those who are working on their artworks would never feel frustrated about their mouse acting up.

This mouse also has a lot of programmable buttons, and those who are using it could interchange with other buttons found within the mouse.

Graphic artists who have already used the Razer Naga Trinity has commended the mouse for having a fast response time, and they are also saying that their works being completed easier because of the capabilities of the mouse.

Those who wanted to get hold of this item should visit the nearest game stores, or order it online.


3. Kensington (K72359WW)

Best trackball mouse for photoshop & photo editing 2022

Trackballs were used in older mouse, and a USB mouse replaced it. However there are companies which are still manufacturing trackball mouse, but it has adapted to the modern technology by allowing their products to be compatible with the computer either by using Bluetooth technology or just connecting it using specialized USB cables.

This model has superior cursor control, and it is beneficial for those who are in the business of photo-editing, and this mouse would also provide the exact color of the subject that is being photographed.

Using this mouse for long periods of time would cause the body to feel exhausted, which is why the manufacturers designed it carefully so that the users would not have to deal with injuries or disorders.


4. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Best mouse for photo editing mac 2022

This mouse has a rechargeable battery, used extensively for tracking and pointing out the cursor inside an Apple computer system. Many graphics designers are using the products from Apple because of its reliability.

They are also looking forward to trying out the Magic Mouse 2, and they are hoping that the product would break all of their expectations.

The mouse is equipped with multi-touch features, and it can also be paired with the existing Bluetooth technology which can help their lives and become successful later on.



Photo editing work on photoshop or any application needs a very reliable, durable and ergonomic mouse. Since many content creators spend a significant amount of time, having a great mouse to work with can heighten your work to the next level.

After going through a wide array of the mouse, I was able to conclude this four mouse as the best for photo editing and photoshop. Many content creators have admired its features and favored them as photo editing friendly must have a device.

I hope my article about the best mouse for photo editing and photoshop was helpful. If you agree with me, please don’t forget to share. If you have any question, let me know via the comment section below. Good luck with your purchase!


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