best laptop for solidworks
Best laptop for solidworks. Image Credit:

Your search for best laptop for solidworks starts here! We will explain what you should be looking for in a laptop to run solidworks properly. Besides a solid processor, abundant RAM (at least 12GB) and enough storage, graphics card is the single most important factor that differentiate a regular laptop from an optimal laptop for solidworks.

There are two different types of graphic cards. One is gaming graphic card while another is workstation graphic card. While a gaming graphic card is designed to perform best during gameplay, a workstation GPU is designed to meet the needs of Modeling software like Solidworks.

Here is a link to a list of certified graphic cards for solidworks. All of our recommended laptops for solidworks 2022 comes with one of the certified drivers! You can also use those laptop to run earlier version of solidworks; solidworks 2021 and solidworks 2022.

Below is our Recommended Laptop Specs for Solidworks

  • Processor: Intel i5 or Better.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro.
  • Graphic Driver: NVIDIA Quadro series, AMD FirePro Series, NVIDIA Grid Series, or AMD Radeon Pro.
  • Storage: 200GB or better, preferably SSD.
  • RAM: 12GB at minimum.

List of Best laptops for Solidworks 2022 and earlier versions

Laptops Graphic Card Processor RAM Price
Lenovo P51 NVIDIA M1200 Intel i7 16GB Under $1500
Dell Precision 5510 NVIDIA M1000 Intel Xeon E3 32GB Under $3000
MSI WE72 NVIDIA M2200 Intel i7 32GB Under $2000
HP ZBook 14u FirePro 4190 Intel i7 16GB Under $1000
Lenovo P51s NVIDIA M520 Intel i7 16GB Under $1500

Lenovo ThinkPad P51 – Our Favorite Workstation for Solidworks

best laptop for solidworks
Best laptop for solidworks. Image Credit:

Lenovo P51 is our favorite pick to run solidworks. This workstation is absolutely perfect for solidworks. Lenovo P51 is already one of the top choice of Solidworks users. This version of Lenovo P51 is loaded with optimal specs and driver that will exceed the system requirements to run solidworks. 

This upgraded version of Lenovo P51 comes with an outstanding graphic driver- NVIDIA Quadro M1200. This graphic driver is officially tested and certified by solidworks engineers. 

The Lenovo P51 comes with 512GB SSD of storage, 15.6″ FHD display and 16GB of RAM. Of course you can upgrade RAM as needed. Intel i7 Processor powers this awesome laptop for solidworks. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Lenovo P51 is going to be your best purchase decision. 

Price – Lenovo P51 

Dell Precision 5510 – Another Industry Best Laptop for 3D design using solidworks 2022

Dell laptop for solidworks
Dell laptop for solidworks. Image Credit:

The Dell Precision 5510 is another favorite laptop of Solidworks Professionals. This is another optimal laptop to run solidworks that comes packed with solid specs that is way better than minimum system requirements. This is the most expensive laptop amongst our recommendation but well worth it. 

The Dell Precision 5510 comes with NVIDIA M1000M graphic card which is tested and certified by the Solidworks. Packed with 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD, this laptop is powered by powerful Intel Xeon E3 processor. It has a magnificent FHD display on a 15.6″ screen. 

The Dell Precision 5510 comes with windows 10 professional operating system and great speakers if that matters to you. 

Although it seems little pricey, you will be amazed with its performance and it will help you go to the next level. Highly recommended laptop for Solidworks!

Price – Dell Precision 5510

MSI WE72 – Best Workstation for Solidworks 3D CAD 2022

best workstation for solidworks
Best workstation for solidworks. Image Credit:

Loaded with certified and tested driver-NVIDIA M2200M-this workstation is a steal for a price of under $2000. Not only that, this laptop has all the right combination of specs you would need to run solidworks. 

MSI has long been making workstations that are primarily tailored to meet the requirements of graphic based programs like Solidworks itself. The MSI WE72 is one of their best workstations!

This is the largest laptop in this list with 17.3″ FHD screen. This lightweight workstation comes with Intel i7 processor, 512GB SSD storage and 32GB RAM with room to add more. Windows 10 pro is already installed and it is very lightweight when you compare it with other workstations. 

Whether you are beginner or a pro, we highly recommend MSI WE72. You should definitely check it out.

Price – MSI WE72 

HP ZBook 14u – Cheap Laptop for Solidworks under $1000

HP laptop for Solidworks
HP laptop for Solidworks. Image Credit:

Although most laptops are expensive when you need to run solidworks on them, there is one we found for you which is ridiculously cheap. If you are looking for the best laptop for solidworks under $1000, you should definitely look at the HP ZBook 14u. 

HP Zbook series are well recognized by the graphic designers including solidworks users. They are precise, fast and reliable laptops. That is not even the best part. This particular version of Zbook 14 costs under $1000 and still exceeds minimum system requirement for solidworks by miles!

Loaded with tested and certified driver-AMD FirePro 4190M, this mobile workstation comes with Intel i7 processor, 256GB SSD, 1TB SSD and 16GB RAM. All you would need to run solidworks!

While cheap, this is a great laptop you should definitely consider if you are on a budget and still want the best bang for your buck. 

Price- HP Zbook 14u

Lenovo P51s –  Another awesome laptop 

Lenovo For Solidworks
Lenovo For Solidworks. Image Credit:

Because we love Thinkpads so much, we included two Thinkpads on our list.This is another solid choice you could consider to run your program. 

The Lenovo P51s comes with NVIDIA quadro M520M graphic card. The NVIDIA Quadro M520M is already tested and certified by Solidworks as the compatible driver with Solidworks 2022.

Lenovo P51s is powered by Intel i7 processor and has 16GB of RAM. You can upgrade RAM up to 32GB if needed. It has 512GB of SSD storage.

The Lenovo P51s has 15.6″ FHD screen that is just the right size. All in all it is a really good workstation for 3D designers. 

Price-Lenovo P51s


All of the laptops reviewed here are awesome and solidworks users will be very happy with any of them. Depending on your budget you can easily choose one of them. Feel free to share this list of best laptops for solidworks 2022 among your colleagues!


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