To those unfamiliar with the term “electronic music,” it is a music genre that employs the use of electronic instruments to produce music.

These electronic instruments vary in types and sizes, with the most basic ones present in a computer as digital instruments. Some also use actual instruments that have electrical and digital audio outputs.

These songs are highly distinguished for the electromechanical music that it produces, making excellent music that best suits this technology-driven age.

This type of music is best to hear whenever you work out, do your job to concentrate or to enjoy upbeat music. Some may even feel tempted to dance when listening to this genre, as this music is also used in clubs nowadays.

However, if you prefer to listen more in private, or if you aspire to compose your own set of electronic music, then be sure to pick a headset that can help you listen from the rhythm to the bass of the music.

All you need are the best headphones for electronic music as these products are carefully designed to produce the full quality of the music you’re playing.

There are four top products on the market that are often used for listening to this music, and we will provide you a list of those below to get more familiar with each headphone:

1. AKG K702 Reference

Best over ear headphones for electronic music 2018

The AKG K703 Reference is an over-ear headset that’s designed to provide comfort even when wearing it for hours and during long work shifts thanks to its 3D-foam ear pads.

The design of the product comes with an open technology for providing a right amount of space to surround your ears with quality music without any form of compromise outside the headset’s sound vicinity.

It also sports a two-layer diaphragm to deliver high frequencies of music, with excellent performance when lowering the frequency of the music.

It also uses a unique flat-wire for better treble response, improved impulse rate and for better sensitivity settings that you will surely love.

The dramatic sound quality that it develops is what makes it distinctive as a good quality headset, and it provides an accurate pinpoint type of music as well.

This headset from AKG Acoustics is guaranteed to be the most innovative among all their modern headphone models today, while the company never ceases to research more in delivering the finest headphones for your music listening needs.


2. Sennheiser HD1

Best wireless headphone for electronic music 2018

These headphones from Sennheiser is made with a closed-back and around-ear design. It also features a Bluetooth 4.0 technology with a faster pairing feature for you to instantly listen like attaching your headphones’ wire to your device.

Its most outstanding feature is its NoiseGard hybrid active noise cancellation technology to block all types of ambient noise from the outside environment when operating the headphones.

This headphone makes sure that you will dive into your world of music upon connecting the headphones to your device, even when it’s noisy outside.

The headphones also have a sensitivity of -44 dB V/Pa. It also has a very long battery life that can last for almost a whole day even if NoiseGard and Bluetooth are activated, which can be fully charged in 3 hours only.

The headset also uses four microphones to deliver the most precise music quality with NoiseGard, and it also uses two built-in microphones to provide voice quality when recording or calling over the phone, along with the removal of any background noise when talking.

The headphones also provide a low-key music listening advantage when using mobile devices, along with jack blogs on both ends for wired connection. It also has a 2-year warranty to help you save money.


3. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS

Best in ear headphone for electronic music 2018

This device is a smaller set of headphones compared to the other models and is a wire model this time. The Audio-Technica headphones are considered as one of the best headphones for electronic music not just for its nifty sound system, but for its compact size.

This headphone is a compact headset that’s perfect for your phones. It operates in-ear through the use of its earplugs, with a very lightweight to make it easier to bring during your travels.

The advanced mechanism and electronics of the product, along with its earplugs, made sure that 90% of all background noise outside the headset will be blocked.

The headphones also come with an inline microphone for communications and recording, along with a controller for adjusting the volume, muting the mic, answering calls and for turning the headphones on or off.

Additionally, the headphones also come with a clothing clip to easily attach the mic near your mouth, and for the wires to be held better.

What made this product more convenient and worthy to be a featured product is its capability to play audio in passive mode without the need for a battery.


4. Sony MDR7506

Best budget headphone for edm 2018

Sony is undeniably one of the best providers of electronics and phones; headphones are not an exception to their line of amazing products.

The headphones are made of neodymium magnets and a set of 40mm drivers to deliver excellent quality sound once it provides an audio output.

The magnets of the headphones optimize the clarity of all frequencies that are being played in electronic music, making it a unique feature of the product that deserved its right to be a top-lister.

It has a closed-ear design to make your ears feel more comfortable, effectively reducing any noise from outside the headset. The headphones also come with a 9.8-foot cord with a golden plug and a 1/4-inch adapter for boosting your music listening needs.

The cable and plug, except the adapter, cannot be detached from the headphones. The product works with a frequency response from 10Hz to 20k kHz – making it excellent in editing and testing out electronic music if you’re an aspiring DJ.

The rugged design of the product also protects your ears from anything outside the headphones. You can contact Sony for any warranty requests for this product.

These are the headsets that will not just make electronic music more enjoyable. These are also considered the best headphones for electronic music because it will let you explore every aspect of the electronic music that you’re listening.

If you love editing music, one of these headsets will significantly help you in developing that music that you wish to share as your form of art.

After all, electronic music is a display of modern art as well, and it’s best to use a headset that can give you the most precise sound possible when listening to those sick beats.



Not long ago, owning one of these beautiful tech marvels could cost you twice as much now. Even the price was high, and the headphones industry was flooded with a new set of devices almost every day, our selected headphones not only survive but thrive.

That’s the reason; you will see these headphones on pretty much every blog like mine. FYI, It is best to go with wired headphones if your sense of style is genuinely immersive audio quality.

I am sure wireless headphones have appealing advantages over wired, but the immersive audio experience is not one of them.

I hope my article about the best Headphones for EDM electronic music was helpful. If you agree with me, please don’t forget to share. Let me know if you have any question via the comment box below. Good luck with your purchase!


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