If you are simply not a TV guy or don’t have enough space in your dorm for big inch TV, but likes to watch movies for fun and time pass, then this article about the best computer monitor for watching movies is for you. Before going further, let’s take a look at our list first:

Best Computer Monitor for Watching Movies 2018

MonitorKey featuresPrice
1. Best "Asus Designo MX27AQ27" IPS monitor for watching movies 27 inch |10800p | 75Hz| 5msPrice Check
2. Best "Dell Ultra HD 4K P2715Q" 27 inch monitor for watching movies 27 inch |4K | 60 Hz| 6msPrice Check
3. Best "Dell U2415" 24-inch monitor for watching movies 24 inch |1080p | 60 Hz| 6msPrice Check
4. "Acer GN246HL" Best 3d monitor for watching movies 24 inch |1080p | 144 Hz| 1msPrice Check
5."LG 32MA68HY-P" best budget monitor for watching movies 32 inch | 1080p | 60Hz| 5msCheck Price

It happens all the time, people buy a great computer with the latest bells and whistles such as a state-of-the-art graphics card and then hook up a mediocre monitor to it. This totally defeats the purpose of a computer that is loaded with amazing technology. Therefore, whether you are just watching video files or a movie, a good monitor can make all the difference.

For a long time, computer monitors were not considered very good in quality, especially compared to some of the television sets that were available. Those days are gone forever since computer monitors available today has technology built into them such as HDMI, and USB ports, 4K, high refresh rates, that can give as good or even better picture quality as any other viewing device such as a TV.

We have compiled a list of factors to be considered while buying a decent monitor for watching movies lets check it out!

How to choose the best monitor for watching movies

Screen Size and Resolution

The screen size depends on the your individual factors like the budget and the space. However, we recommended at least 24-inch monitor for best movie watching experience.

Since, there are many marketing hypes about 1440P, 4K, retina display monitors. Don’t fall for it unless you totally understand what it actually means. Well, the rule of thumb for the best value is as follows:

If you are getting 24-inch monitor for movie watching, then don’t go above 1080P. The screen is too small for 1440P resolution. You wouldn’t be able to see the differences in your movie watching experience. You will be paying extra for nothing. The following guideline will aid you to choose the best value monitor.

  • 24-inch: FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • 27-inch: WQHD (2560 x 1440)
  • 32- inch: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

Display Panel

There are primarily three display panels: Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical alignment (VA) and In-Plane Switching (IPS panel). If you crave for superior color accuracy with wide viewing angle then, IPS panel will be perfect for you. However, IPS panels are relatively expensive than TN and VA panels.

That leaves us with a TN Vs VA panel. TN panel is cheaper than VA panel, but has inferior color reduction and narrow viewing angle than a VA panel. If you are on a budget, we recommend going for VA panel.


This is one of the most important aspects to be considered while many of us almost totally ignore it. While getting a monitor for watching movies look for a monitor with at least 2 HDMI ports. Today, almost any laptops, gaming console and DVD players are compatible with HDMI ports. Other features that you should look for are DVI ports, Display ports, VGA ports and USB ports.

Refresh Rate

Measured in Hertz, refresh rate is no of times a display refresh its image within a second. Monitors with 60 Hz, 75 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz and 144 Hz refresh rate are very common in the monitor industry.

Generally the higher the better and also more expensive, a 144Hz refresh rate monitor will have a better motion resolution, low screen tearing, and low response time compare to 60Hz monitor. Hence, we recommend getting at least 120 Hz monitor for best movie watching experience.

Alright, now let’s go through our list of the best computer monitor for watching movies.

Asus Designo MX27AQ27: Best IPS monitor for watching movies 2018

One of the first things that are noticeable of this monitor is its great look, even when it is not running. This is in large part due to the finish, which consists of brushed metal that is thin, and a narrow bezel. All of this combined makes it look like it was taken from a sci-fi movie set.

It is a 27” monitor, which boasts of 178 degrees of viewing angle. It comes with full HD and has a wide voltage tolerance, making it usable around the world.


Dell Ultra HD 4K P2715Q: Best 27 inch monitor for watching movies 2018

Dell was one of the earliest and best players in the 4K monitor market and they are keeping up the tradition of making some of the best 4K monitors on the market today.

The 4K P2715Q is no exception. It came out roughly two years ago, but it is still considered one of the best for the price. The stand on this monitor is quite unique.

The monitor can be swung left or right and even turned 90 degrees sideways for portrait mode. This monitor also boasts of good color reproduction, 27” in size, anti-glare screen, and a 60Hz refresh rate.


Dell UltraSharp U2415: Best 24-inch monitor for watching movies 2018

The U2415 is the squarest of them all, literally, meaning the resolution is an unusual 1920×1200 and the size is 24”. This means it’s a bit taller, giving it squarer look. These monitors are calibrated at the factory, which means it is ready to go straight out of the box.

The picture quality of U2415 makes it one of the best computer monitor for watching movies. This monitor also keeps up the excellent swivel feature that Dell products are famous for.


Acer GN246HL Bbid 24-Inch: Best 3d monitor for watching movies

If you are looking for best low budget 3D monitor then look no further than Acer GN246HL. Loaded with the features like 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution, 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate, NVIDIA 3D vision ready; this monitor will be your next favorite thing.

Priced under $200, this monitor harbors DVI, HDMI and VGA ports. Enjoy the outstanding color accuracy with its remarkable 100 million: 1 contrast ratio in its 24-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio.


LG 32MA68HY-P: best budget monitor for watching movies 2018

If your sense of style is a big wide monitor that doesn’t break your back than LG 32MA68HY-P is the one for you. Immerse into the best color accuracy of the IPS panel with big 32-inch screen.

Its split screen 2.0 feature will arm you to perform multitasking with ease and comfort. Its display port, HDMI port and USB port will allow you to connect to a wide range of computer peripherals.



The monitor is one of the most important aspects of a computer. As the demand for online movie watching site like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video has been increasing, good movie watching monitor has become one of the must have item for movie lovers, students, gamers, teachers, editors. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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