Welcome to our post about the Best car dash cam under £100. What are those weird devices that are becoming so common to see among drivers? You can find them on the dashboard in many shapes and sizes, with little lights flashing even when the driver isn’t present in the vehicle.

Dashcams are becoming a personal necessity today. As you drive around on your daily commute, you may be surprised at how many cars you find sporting them, including law enforcement. So what exactly is a dashcam, and how to make the most out of it?

A dash cam is an event data recorder (EDR) which continually records through the front, or at times the rear windows of a vehicle. Some even include recording capabilities for the inside of the car also. Some Dash cams use 4G; others are even capable of sending video recordings and photos to a set destination provided by the user.

These fantastic devices also capture the information from the vehicle such as the GPS data, the speed of acceleration and deceleration, and steering angles. The dashcams can mount onto the interior of the vehicle using adhesive-tape or suction mounts keeping them stable and immobile while the user is driving.

There are many kinds of dash cams, and the difference between them all is the features that different companies provide in their vehicle camera products. These devices are handy for legality and protection against falsified evidence during vehicle collisions.

They can be used for monitoring your vehicle when you’re not present, and for many other purposes as some even use them for entertainment purposes recording videos for their social platforms.

Whatever the case, dash-cameras have proven to be a handy tool for day to day commuting. Although dashcams are becoming common among drivers, many of them that come fully equipped can be costly, and everyone isn’t capable of making such an investment in the safety of his or her vehicle on top of the insurance and other monthly bills towards the safety of your car.

Are there any cost-effective dashcams that can be just as effective as the more expensive brands? There are many dashcams, but the question is which is the best car dash cam under 100 Pounds? Moreover, how do you chose which best car dashcam under £100 has the features that you need for day to day use?

There are four best car dash cams under 100 Pounds which are all the best in their way, each one providing different features for the needs of different users.

Nextbase 312GW

Best FHD dash cam under £100 UK 2018

Netbase 312GW dashcam offers built-in wi-fi for constant support for the driver and also an HD camera. This car dash cam may be better for those who are looking for an interior dashcam that will be used for multiple purposes from vlogging, to surveillance, and constant car monitoring.

Netbase is a highly rated and favorite dash cam brand in the UK, being compatible with any user with any intentions for the product.

The built-in wifi allows the user to upload dashcam footage straight to the users’ smartphone and allows for easy sharing with family, friends, insurance companies, and even the police.



Best dual lens dash cam under £100 UK 2018



For the more adventurous user, APEMAN Dual is perfect for those who find their cars in more exciting places than the day to day commuters.

Perfect for the adventure seeker, the APEMAN Dual in-car dash cam provides both front and rear view cameras with night vision, IR sensor, 6G lense, Loop recording, Parking monitor and motion detection.

For the advanced car cam user, this is the best car dash cam under 100 Pounds which provides night vision powerful enough for even the most extreme dark conditions. Perfect for campers, hikers, and those who are offroad drivers.



Best value dash cam under £100 UK 2018

The JEEMAK is the best dashcam under 100 pounds for those who are more concerned about the safety of their car and are on a tight budget. It offers top class features like gravity sensor & loop recording, dual lenses for front and rear view, and a 24-hour parking monitor.

The price and the capabilities of this brand of car dash cam will make any user who is concerned with his or her car during the day, and who may also be concerned about their budget or saving money.

This product is just as efficient as competing for dashcam products, even sporting a sleek design and full screen for the front camera.



Best Wifi dash cam under  £100 UK 2018

This cost-efficient model offers built-in GPS. Offering a broad angle view and adjustable lens, its basic design creates simple utilization for the more straightforward user.

For simple and straightforward functionality while driving, the TOPGUARD Car cam is a great value car dash cam.

It also has Wifi Function and an app compatible with iOS an Android mobile phones, or tablets. This excellent feature gives the user all around control of their device and the safety of their vehicle.



Nowadays, Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. For all the security satisfaction offered by one of these dash cams, £100 is a small price to pay. I think it is the must-have gear in this era. 

An accident doesn’t happen; they are caused. Hence, you should always be ready for the unthinkable. Dash cam sure will be your next favorite things, if you are one of those who likes to take preventive measures before anything goes down.

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