Facebook Home Introduction: Is Facebook Feeling At Home?

Facebook has taken the world by storm since its launch in February of 2004. It is one of the leading social networking platforms with over 1.11 billion users. It is a multilingual platform that is available across the world in 70 different languages.  It gains popularity each day and has billed a mammoth $5.1 billion revenue in 2012.

Facebook has become such a craze that as soon as a user thinks of something in his mind, he or she posts his or her thoughts online. This has created a platform for people to speak on a wide array of issues – be it social, political, cultural and personal. Facebook has come a long way and etched its place ahead of Twitter and Orkut.

Is Facebook Feeling At Home?

It has incorporated multiple apps that provide entertainment and has launched several new features since its inception. It has boosted local business and has benefited them commercially. One can find reviews of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc. on Facebook too. Celebrities use Facebook to expand their social status and check if they are being spoken about as well.

Facebook helps to create new trends worldwide. Many institutions involved in social work, use Facebook as a platform to reach out and get their petitions signed and voices heard. Facebook even helps big businesses to plan their marketing strategies indirectly, after careful observations of their target audience online.

Facebook users have seen changes from the traditional Wall to the Timeline. They have seen changes from the simple Bing search results to the Facebook Graph Search. Mobile phone apps for Facebook have also constantly been updated for iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android OS, Windows OS and simple JAVA OS. The new awaited change is Facebook Home. This has already been launched for the Android operating system.

Facebook Home is basically made with the purpose to turn your smart phone into a complete Facebook interface driven device. If you picture your mobile phone’s home screen to be replaced completely by Facebook running live, you are absolutely right and that is what Facebook Home is all about. One can view image and status updates of their friends, see videos shared and receive messages on the home screen of their mobile phones.

A feature like this led people to question Facebook to get into manufacturing and start its own mobile phone. Zuckerberg answered that question by saying if a company like Apple can only sell ten to twenty million iPhones in a year and if Facebook did build such a mobile phone, it would only reach barely two to three per cent of their target audience. So the whole idea of Facebook home is to convert existing mobile phones into Facebook interface devices to reach a greater audience and connect more people.

As good as this sound, sceptics argue that so far Facebook Home is available for only Google Android platforms, which contradict the whole concept of Facebook Home. Zuckerberg assured the critics that Facebook is in talks with Apple to come up with a similar solution. He says as Google’s philosophy is more open source oriented, incorporating Facebook Home in Android devices was not much of a challenge. People are questioning that Facebook Home might induce too many boundaries when it comes to cell phone usage.

But as of now, Facebook does see Facebook home as a step forward because they are neither building a mere app nor an operating system. The people at Facebook believe this will be a whole new way to communicate. According to their data, of the over 1.1 billion users that use Facebook, approximately 680 million of them access it from their mobile phones. Facebook has been investing in the domain of mobile phones. Gradually it is yielding them results.

It was seen that in the last quarter of 2013, 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue was attributed to mobile devices. There was an increase from 23% in the quarter before that. The game plan is such that eventually there will be a ripple effect. This would lead to an increase in revenue from mobile phone users over the existing desktop users. Facebook Home may change mobile telephony forever.

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