Samsung Working on a 6.3 Inch Display; Is Apple Ready to Fight?

Just when we thought that Samsung’s smartphones could not get any bigger, news from the Korean Times says the company is prepping to pursue a bigger screen for their next mobile phone. The online publication stated, “The world’s biggest technology company has been developing the Galaxy Note III with a 6.3 inch screen using an OLED display.” The article also cited that this came from one of the officials of the company who does not want to be named. With possible change in the Korean tech giant’s smartphone lineup, what kind of mobile phone future are we looking at here?

Apple Vs Samsung

The 6-Inch Zone


So far, Samsung’s biggest smartphone display is 5.5 inches with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Its size is such a far cry from all the other smartphones in the market that it even has its own category. Most techies call it the “phablet”, an amalgamation of the words phone and tablet. Because of its stellar specs and displays (compared to the smartphone standard), phablets are predicted to be a hit for smartphones. But a 6 inch smartphone display is still far from reality. So far, the only 6 inch screen displays in the market are the Wii U gaming console at 6.2 inches and the Ascend Mate smartphone at 6.1 inches. And while the tech giant definitely isn’t alone in the large screen vision, will people really pay for bigger digital canvasses? And is Apple ready for the big competition?


A 6-Inch iPhone Anyone?


While its global competitors are starting to contemplate the possibility of a big phone, Apple may still be lagging behind in terms of a bigger smartphone. The Cupertino-based tech giant did release a taller iPhone this year but stuck to 4 inches of display screen compared to its 5 inch competitors. And while a lot of analysts say they could do with a little more width for the Retina Display screen, more iPhone users believe the iPhone’s form factor is what makes it stand out.

For one thing, the rumors about a 6 inch Samsung smartphone stirred a lot of opinions from Android users; most feeling that a 6-inch screen was incredulous. Some of them said that 6 inches is far too big to be used comfortably and even the current Samsung models like the Galaxy S3 and the Note II might be too big already. Some Android fans say the Korean tech giant needs to do more research on the proposition of a bigger screen before actually releasing one that people might not buy.


A Big, Big Galaxy


Meanwhile, Samsung fans should probably get ready for a January release. Current rumors suggest that the Korean tech giant may be working on the Galaxy S4 and could be releasing the said model anytime from January 8 to 11, during the CES 2013. If the Galaxy S4 doesn’t come out in January, some are also betting on a February 2013 release during the Mobile World Congress in Spain. For the Galaxy Note 3, meanwhile, fans are looking forward to an even bigger body. Remember, each Note consistently increased in size from 5.3 inches (Note) to 5.5 inches (Note II). We might be looking for a 6.3 inch OLED screen!  Financial and tech analysts are also predicting a heftier price tag for the next phablet Samsung has in store for us. In terms of release, it is very likely that the Apple competitor will be releasing their next generation phablet by the third quarter of next year


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    • says

      @Babanature, yup that’s true. I guess Apple’s starting to feel the pressure. Samsung’s sales are getting better as their smartphones are getting bigger. I don’t think they’ll file more anti-Samsung complaints anyway.

  1. says

    Hi Derek,

    you’re indeed right!

    Samsung was really clever in terms of strategy, they knew that the strategy of other tech giants was to leverage on other screen sizes. So, what they did was to venture in ALL screen sizes. Samsung released a 3.5 inch, 5, 7,10 and etc.

    Now, samsung is starting the trend.

    That’s why the question now is, Is apple ready to fight?

  2. says

    Samsung has been amazing us with its innovative devices and 6.3 inch display is really going to shock the world. As far as the biggest we know is Note II and it feels like the bigger the better is the theme for Samsung. We have yet to see how Apple responds to this challenge.

  3. says

    Samsung is very smarter to implement new things, that’s the only reason they are beating their close competitor like APPLE. You post is superb and made me able to arise various questions on Apple, why they are still silent in that.

    Thanks mate for your post :)

    I really liked you, All the best. :)

  4. says

    lol , Not a fight. not a competition to buy both you and me.

    i think iphone are getting frustrated especially on samsung galaxy s3 (even though they gave regain the market share in us tech market)

    Just business

  5. james braselton says

    hi there why only 6 inches we shold build a 77,777,777 light year screen big enogh seen by all ufo species borg covant master chief cortania ai

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