Giveaway #1: $350 Genesis Pro Plus All-Themes-Package From StudioPress

Hooray, is giving out its 1st giveaway to our lovely readers, all in the Christmas season, i promised a massive giveaway earlier on and now its here. We haven’t done any giveaway before and now we have a massive one here for our loyal fans and readers. I’m gonna make this short.

Genesis Giveaway

Giveaway Details

Giveaway of Premium Genesis Themes From StudioPress.

The Genesis Framework.
All Genesis Child Themes from StudioPress.

About the Genesis Framework and Child Themes

As you may already know, one of the most flexible, powerful, and smart ways to publish content online is by using WordPress Cms software. So if you are a blog or website owner, the best way to get online is by using the wordpress software.

How Genesis is Involved

Everyone loves wordpress, and to get the best designs out there is hard, thats where genesis comes in to give you all the best designs you need for your blog or website to look professional.

The Genesis framework contains all the important theme files that can be easily extended with child themes and hooks. It acts as the parent theme of the entire site. It is where all of the theme files like 404.php, comments.php, footer.php, header.php, index.php, page.php, single.php and so on are kept. Just like a Java software won’t work on your pc without the Java runtime enviroment(Java Framework) so the child themes won’t work without it.

The Child themes are the actual themes where all the designs are kept, it consists mainly of the sylesheet, functions and home.

Why Use Genesis

Search Engine Optimised: The genesis framework and child themes are well optimised for search engines, it even has its own seo management system to help you rank higher in serp.

Responsive: There’s a feature i love about the Genesis, it responsive, which means it can resize automatically to any screen size, be it your mobile phone or tablet, Oh and it supports mobile adsense.

Designs: The designs are totally awesome and i’m sure you would love em, You can go view them on studiopress’s gallery.

How to Enter Competition and win Giveaway

Its all about aquiring points, acquire the most points and you could be the winner, only one winner will emerge though. so work hard to get it.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what are you waiting for the time starts now, so go on and win.

Goodluck with it, may the best man win.

Here are some of the themes you can win from

Streamline Eleven40 Balance Generate


Giveaway Ended

Name of the Winner

Bilal Akbar

Winner have been emailed.

However i can still send you 5 of the themes if you turn out to be the most active commenter on the techjay blog by the end of january. Goodluck with it.


  1. says

    very nice Giveaway i already blogged about Raffelcopter on my must have free blogging tools post is a cool service that can boost your site traffic

  2. says

    I would definitely love to have genesis framework. Because i don’t have that much money to afford it, so am participating in this contest to get these themes.

  3. says

    Nice Off bro! Thou I already have it….but would like to know is this the updated/latest versions of the themes?
    Currently arranging my first give away of top adsense paying keywords list on my blog……will launch it soon…

  4. says

    I’m a student and a blogger (but have blog only on blogger :( ) Now, going to start a wordpress blog for which I have purchased a costly hosting service plan. Now I’m just looking for a wordpress theme & my first choice is wordpress’ eleven40 theme. But I don’t have enough credits to buy that, so I’m entering into this giveaway. I hope, I can get it for a blog by which I will try to teach people how to use engineering in daily life to make our tasks easy.

    Thank you techjay for providing me an hope for winning my favorite theme :)

  5. says

    Thank you Derek Odum. Are you using eleven40 theme on this blog ? I’m seeing this theme first time live on a running blog, it is looking very nice & clean. It will be my pleasure to get this theme for my new wordpress blog. Also, in hope of winning this theme here, I have rejected my plan to buy a low budget theme for my new blog.

    Also I’m going to mention your blog in the list of sources who helped me to start that blog, if I would win this giveaway here. Also I have a surprise gift for you, I hope I can show you that tomorrow in the hope of you will like that :) <3

  6. Ebuka James says

    I’m really really excited about this great giveaway. just like you said the very first.
    indeed i’m in deep need of this wonderful themes.
    I’m onto a low income for now, i normally wouldn’t have afforded a theme worth this much, but i think if i’m hold of this great theme, i would not only be happy, but it will be a huge success for me coz i’m gonna use it on ma Educational blog site. I really really need this theme so much.
    Once more thanks for this wonderful offer.

  7. says

    Yup Genesis Framework was one of those themes that can guarantee value for the money. I think you too use one of the Genesis themes for your website. For small bloggers, it is too costly to afford Genesis themes.

  8. says

    Lost hopes !!!!!! After doing so much efforts, I didn’t win this giveaway. :(
    I visited & shared this giveaway everywhere. Did everything daily to get more & more points. But even then if I’m not winner then how to believe that I will be after January.
    By the way thanks.

  9. says

    Hey Admin ! I’m unable to see any comment of the winner on this giveaway for participation before announcing results. Then how he can win this giveaway without participation?
    Really sad to see this thing that after making so much efforts, you are announcing a winner who didn’t participate even.

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