Social Network Giant Facebook Unveiling Its Phone Next Year

Social network giant Facebook is hoping to explore revenue-generating opportunities in the mobile Internet market as it hopes to launch Facebook phone next year, according to a New York Times report. This was in the face of the company admitting that it was having problems keeping up with its growing mobile audience.
Recently, the social networking company launched its own App Store as a platform for launching mobile programs that use the site. Facebook’s Aaron Brady, however, clarified that the App Center is not designed to in any way compete with the iOS or Android but promotes apps that use Facebook on both platforms.
The New York Times report bared that Facebook has already hired over half a dozen software and hardware engineers who have worked on the Apple iPhone and iPad. At the same time, it has also collaborated with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC to create a handset codenamed “Buffy,” a project first announced last year in the technology blog All Things Digital.
A former Apple engineer who was on the team that made the iPhone revealed that he had a meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who inquired about the inner workings of smartphones. According to a Facebook employee, Zuckerberg is worried that the non-creation of a mobile phone in the near future would simply make Facebook an app on other mobile platforms.
Facebook’s decision to enter the smartphone arena stems from its desire to explore money making opportunities through mobile communication. Ahead of its IPO earlier this month, it expressed concerns that the growth of mobile users accessing Facebook may make it more difficult to sell advertising.
The company is in a good position to enter the smartphone industry. First of all, it is already running an OS that comes with messaging, calendar, contacts, and video. Secondly, it has recently launched its app store which is packed with thousands of highly popular apps. Finally, there is Instagram.
If Facebook does not become successful with its team of engineers, it can easily buy a smartphone maker. With its record $16 billion from its IPO, Facebook can acquire a company like Research in Motion, which is worth less than $6 billion and integrate its operating system on BlackBerry phones.
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