The basics you need to know before applying for Google Adsense

Google adsense is the best online advert source, and its the best when it comes to money making for webmasters. Unlike infolink and addynamo its rate are a bit higher which means more money for you andi(publishers)
Again unlike other ads source its somewhat hard to get approved, thats bad news. So here i’m gonna listout the basics you need to know and implement before applying for googleadsense so you can get approved asap, but you still have to read their terms of service though.

1. Custom domain: This should be top priority as google are currently not accepting addon domain names like . . . A fellow blogger showed this to me and seriously this is one effective way to get approved by google and you should consider getting one asap if you currently don’t have.

2. Contents: Yes this is about your website contents, it should be upto date and should be always updated else google won’t think twice about rejecting your application

3. Template: Premium template user’s should not worry about this one.
Its mainly for free theme users, you should on no account edit the blog footer because that alone could get google to disapprove your application
There are more basics you should but these are the three vital ones you ought to know.


  1. says

    thanks for these useful tips, and you are right Google does gives a lot of priority to the content on blog, if its unique and informative then getting approved by adsense is not hard at all.

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