6 Things Windows Phone 8 Needs To Succeed

Each of the leading mobile phone manufacturing firm has their own latest model of smartphones powered with an updated operating system. Windows, on the other hand, as a software manufacturing giant has come up with the Windows Phone 8 to include new features that will let them keep up with what Android and iOS has to offer to the consumers.
Windows Phone 8 is expected to have a new look for its start screen, different support for dual-core and quad-core, support for NFC payments and a Wallet hub which will make use of Groupon, an improved SD card support, Skype and VoIP integration and much more. While these may be deemed breakthroughs or minor improvements from the Windows Phone 7, there are still a couple of things that Cell Phone Experts wished for the Windows Phone 8:
1.       More aggressive campaigns – After the predominance of iOS and Android operating systems, Microsoft was deemed underdog in the smartphone industry. In spite of the promising new features in the Windows Phone 8, it needs to make an aggressive campaign for it to be noticed amidst the other smartphone giants who are leading in the market today.
2.       Options in default search engine – Although the default search engine in the Windows Phone 8 has exceptional features, a lot of people are still adept in Google Search and prefers this as their default search engine.
3.       Support from the major carriers - To date, only a few of the leading carriers has offered their support and this is only for a particular line of Windows smart phone. Gaining the full support from the major carriers will boost their reputation in the industry. Furthermore, this will also be a good marketing move since they will have the major carriers as another means of making the Windows Phone 8 known to the public.
4.       Upgrades to Windows Phone 8 – Consumers with Windows Phone 7 will have to feel sorry about not having a way to be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. Although Microsoft can assure an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 which will give an almost the same experience with Windows Phone 8, there will certainly be some features from the latter that will be left out. 
5.       Better hardware for cheaper models – Windows Phone 8 indeed, has exceptional features that most consumers are looking forward to but for those who can afford only the cheaper models, they may not be able to make the most out of the new Microsoft mobile operating system since the hardware will not be able to keep up or execute the features well, making the experience less enjoyable.
6.       Availability of cloud-based media services – These days, cloud based services has provided convenience to smart phone users by allowing them to sync their files from different devices. Unfortunately, they won’t get that with Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 owners can sync their music files from their computer to their Windows phone by using the Microsoft’s Zune software which is deemed obsolete today. However, there are rumors about SkyDrive integration for Windows Phone 8 which will enable the file syncing convenience but they have to make sure that this facility is free or at a very cheap price to allow consumers to enjoy the feature.
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Krystine Joy is a freelance writer and blogger focusing on the latest trend of Windows. When she is not writing about technology, she helps in the blogging and administration activities of a Cell Phone Expert.


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