New Etisalat Cheat For Pc and Mobile phone.

New Etisalat Cheat For Pc and Mobile phone.

Great news for nigerian youths. The best isp in Nigeria now works free with dns config. The good news is it works on any device that can change dns settings even java phones,Without much time waisting lets get to biz.
Create a New profile on your modem
And set your access point to
Then Go advance and set your dns as follows
primary DNS address:
secondary DNS address:
now connect and configure all ur PC programs with the following proxy nd port address:-
proxy address:-
port:- 8080

Set your apn to
Then go advanced.
And change
Dns Address
primary DNS address :
secondary DNS address :
port: 8080
Exit and use all your apps Directly as if you’ve got bundle..
PRIMARY: 156.154.70 .
Java users Download this prov
Update Android users
Use set Dns to change the dns settings
Download here


Java and symbian users should download this opera and use it with Etisalat’s default settings
Download Here


  1. says

    Thanks 4 dat. W810 did have not PRIMARY ND SECONDARY DNS address, but it has IP ADDRESS nd DNS ADDRESS inside it Data Account.

  2. says

    sory for my question @ derek, am a novince here,if i use fone as modern dere is no space for dns settings in d nokia pc suite, how am i going to do dis?

  3. Anonymous says

    derek u 2much jor.. Doez d 100naira bb cheat work in areas witawt 3g ntwrk? And doez it download 2 infinity and support al appz? Tanx in advance

  4. Anonymous says

    It’s not working for my java phone man, i downloaded the prov but it keeps telling me read data in memory card and it just becomes an unsupported device as in ? And i just don’t understand what to do.

  5. says

    pls mr derek,thank u very much,d tweak is workin fine on my pc,but d problem is dat how can i connect it wit my yahoomessenger,i will b greatful if u can solve it for me.

  6. says

    @anonymouse u have to send the prov to a china or symbian phone..
    And then send back to your phone..
    @samuel you shud set ur yahoo messenger to listen to http, thats after u have configured your internet explora

  7. says

    It is no more goin wit ma pc again and wit ma phone d tweak is damn slow cant even download. Pls help o!

    And also help me wit d code to migrate to easycliq

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