How To Create a Google + Fan Page For Your Blog Or Website

Google + is the new social network on the block thats waging war against facebook ad the likes of it, It isn’t just a social network it has more to it than meet the eyes, it can be a great medium of connecting your blog or website to the world. Some months after it’s launch it has rose to be the third most used social network trailing after facebook and twitter.
Creating a Google + Fan page is an effective way to keep in touch with your blog or website readers on the world’s third most used social network, though there probably are thousands and thousands of google + fan page a lot of users still find it hard to create it, This post would show you the basics on which you need to get a page running ad how to integrate it with your blog.

Follow This Steps And Get Fan Page Up and Running.

  1. After logging in to your Google + account Click here
  2. Select Product Or Band
     3. Enter Your Blog Name and Url and set the Category to “Website”
    4.  Agree to the terms and condition and click Create
    5.  On the next page enter the Tag line(Description) of your blog and and Upload a Profile Photo and Click Cotinue
    6.  Your Google + Page is 95% completed. If You want to share your page with the people in your circle already here’s your opportunity, Click The Share On Google + Button and Finally click on Finish
How To Add The Badge To Your Blog

After you have succesfully created the fan page, you would see a page that looks like this,
Click on the link labelled “Get Badge”
You will be redirected to google web developers site where you can customize the feel of your badge,
your url your G+ Page url has been added automatically
You can customize it to your taste or choose to leave the default features
To Add it to your Blog
  1. Goto your blog dashboard
  2. Click on template ==> Edit Html ==> Proceed
  3. Search for this tag
  4. Add the 1st Code above it and save the template
  5. Then Go to Layout
  6. Add a Gadget and select Html/Javascript
  7. Paste the secod code inside it and save
  8. The drag the box to wherever you want it on your blog

All done If you have any probs regarding it please leave a comment

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