4 Ways To Get Data Usage On Your Android Phone Under Control

Roaming on your mobile data plan is rarely cheap but almost always necessary. You can control how much data you use on your device by simply opting for a plan with a data cap and price to match your budget but you can take things a little further and manage your data plan better by limiting how data is used. Here are a few things you can do on any Android device to manage your data plan. These steps do not require the installation of a third-party app, nor do they require a rooted phone. What you will need is a little time to set things up for better data management and nothing more. Understand Data Usage Stats Staying connected on your phone is necessary and not just because you might need to take a picture of lunch and share it with the world. Many apps like Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive, Read Full Article >>

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5(International Edition)

Samsung’s latest flagship in its Galaxy S line, the S5, is one of the hottest smartphones announced this year. If you’re all set to buy the phone as soon as it hits shelves in many markets within weeks, but aren’t sure about whether to make the jump or not due to concerns about having root access on … [Continue reading]

Spin Reimagines The iPhone Lock Screen Music Controls

Spin iOS Settings

Tweaks that let users customize the iOS lock screen are abundant in the Cydia store, but Spin is the kind of release that just refuses to get lost in the crowd. With Spin, you get a complete revamp of the  lock screen music view. Instead of a square containing the album art of the current song, Spin … [Continue reading]

Improve Mozzila Firefox Browsing, Streaming, Download Speeds & More With Fasterfox

Fasterfox - Options

Firefox isn’t a slow web browser by any means, but with a little bit of tweaking and fiddling around, you can make it even faster. This is exactly what Fasterfox aims to do. It’s a small extension for Firefox that adds several ways to speed up the browser. It’s designed to boast upload and download … [Continue reading]

How To Root Nokia X, Install Play Store & Google Now Launcher


Nokia’s announcement at the MWC regarding new Android handsets didn’t come as much a surprise as what the company did with Android running on its devices. It’s like the Finnish company – now owned by Microsoft – is attempting to create Android without Google, replacing the Mountain View company’s … [Continue reading]

Root Nokia X,XL, And Other Androids Using Framaroot

In the initial days of Android, one-click rooting methods were all the rage, and the norm when it came to rooting. Though the OS kept on becoming increasingly secure with each update, and in addition to that, device manufacturers as well as mobile carriers kept on adding stronger and stronger … [Continue reading]

ClassicSwitcher Adds A Customizable iOS 6-Like App Switcher To iOS 7

ClassicSwitcher iOS Settings

iOS 7 completely reimagined the App Switcher, replacing the list of running apps’ icons at the bottom with an attractive card-like view. A vast majority of users didn’t take too long to get used to the new App Switcher, and maybe that’s why a plethora of Cydia tweaks have been released to augment … [Continue reading]

How To Post Audio Comments & Voice Messages To Facebook In Chrome

Talk and Comment_Allow

One of the best bits about Facebook is that it keeps us connected to our friends and family no mater where they are, whether we are siting in front of our computers or walking down the street with our mobile devices. Those who use it on the go should be familiar with Facebook’s Messenger … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S5: Specs, features and everything you need to know

Another year, another Galaxy. This time we have the Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest flagship Android smartphone from the South Korean giant. The device was announced at a special event at the 2014 Mobile World Congress, and here's my rundown of the specs, features and anything else you might care to … [Continue reading]